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From vibrant art to bold designs, here are some of the most anticipated art trends of 2023.


This year, art lovers will see a lot of subdued colors as a soothing shade of pastel is gaining popularity. This type of art can help viewers feel calm and peaceful. For instance, Calman Shemi uses a soft painting technique to describe the relationship between people and the environment. Shemi’s creations utilize a variety of colors and techniques.

Textured Artwork

The rise of the virtual art movement is expected to impact the development of textured art in 2023 positively. This type of art is created through a technique known as Impasto. This method involves mixing thick paint with a palette knife and a visible brush. It can create a new dimension and energy in an artwork.

Visual Art

Virtual art is expected to continue to gain popularity in 2023. As its popularity continues to rise, various pieces related to this movement will continue to raise questions about the artist and the medium. One of the main advantages of this technology is that it can erase the differences between an artwork and its creator. Consider Gal Yosef, a young artist who started working in 3D design at 12. His work mainly focuses on digital design and has heavily utilized computer technology.

Large Abstracts

Large-scale works of art can easily capture the attention of a viewer. Unlike textured pieces, abstract art does not represent the artist’s personality. Instead, it uses a variety of colors and techniques to create a unique and emotional expression. This trend will feature various artistic styles. For instance, the tone and color of Angela Roskell’s abstracts are different from those of Martin Breeze.

New Color Palette

While pastel is still expected to be the primary color palette in 2023, artists will also use minimalistic and earthy tones to create tranquil and relaxing works of art. Since vibrant colors can overwhelm some people, artists will take a more restrained approach in the coming years. Simple and understated pieces are also often easier to style. They don’t have to include vibrant colors that can overpower the viewer.