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Arthur Pixler

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About Arthur Pixler

Arthur Pixler is a prominent member of his community in Fenton, Iowa, where he dedicates most of his time serving others. He is also a retired superintendent who spent nearly four decades committed to the field of education. Today, Arthur spends time working as a substitute teacher and volunteering for numerous committees. When he isn’t spending time serving his community, he enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with his children and grandchildren. 

Arthur Pixler holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Wayne State College. He graduated cum laude in 1974. He later earned a Master of Science in education from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He also attended the University of Northern Iowa, where he earned his Advanced Studies Certificate in the Superintendency in 2001. Since then, Arthur has participated in numerous professional development programs to further advance his education and career. 

Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Arthur Pixler was a sports coach, a teacher, a principal, an administrative assistant, a special education coordinator, a gift and talented coordinator, and the superintendent of a small school district in Iowa. As a superintendent, Arthur was responsible for overseeing the entire district, from instruction to budget management. He was a dedicated educator and leader, and he is grateful to be able to continue that legacy even into his retirement. 

For the past year, Arthur Pixler has served as the Grand Treasurer for the Grand Lodge of Iowa. Until the COVID-19 pandemic struck, this position took Arthur to all corners of the state, participating in various masonic community activities. Some of these activities included participating in cornerstone-laying ceremonies for public and masonic buildings, re-dedicating masonic lodges, and attending formal receptions for this Grand Lodge brothers. 

In addition to his role as the Grand Treasurer for the Grand Lodge of Iowa, Arthur Pixler serves his community in several other capacities. He is on the Board of Directors for the North Union Community School District and the Fenton Cooperative Telephone Company. Arthur is also a trustee on the Board of the Rowley Memorial Masonic Home. He is a former trustee and Chairman of the Grand Lodge Masonic Scholarship Endowment Committee, as well as a previous member and Chairman of the Grand Lodge of the Iowa Finance Committee.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Arthur Pixler also serves as the Chairman of the Staff Parish Relations Committee for the First United Methodist Church in Fenton, Iowa. He is also currently a trustee for the Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Charitable Educational Corporation. He is also a member of the Fenton Community Club, where he has played “Santa Claus” for the past ten years. 

Arts and culture have always been a part of Arthur Pixler’s life. He is particularly interested in the intersection of politics and culture and how art affects culture. He has noticed that the U.S. seems to have divided more since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and he believes that art, as well as sports, could play a role in bridging the divide in our country.

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